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Dear visitors,

Our mission as a non-profit organisation is to highlight the architectural heritage of Brussels, and hence to contribute to its preservation. We try our best to fulfil this mission through various events such as: the Brussels Art Nouveau & Art Deco (BANAD) Festival, our exceptional program of Art Nouveau mansions openings, training programs for our guides, and more recently, the Brussels Biennale – Neoclassic (BBN) and Brussels Biennale of Eclectic Architecture (BBEA). All our activities are produced in collaboration with our founding member associations: ARAU, Arkadia, Brussels Chatterguides, Pro Velo ...

If you like our association and give credit to the preservation of architecture heritage, you can always support our work by becoming a Friend of Explore.Brussels.

In short, being a friend means:

  • Supporting the development of our current and future projects.
  • Contributing to the preservation of our architectural heritage.
  • Participating in various exclusive events for the friends of Explore.Brussels.
  • Benefiting from certain advantages when participating to our event.

Advantages of the friends of Explore.Brussels


  • Access to guided tours of Art Nouveau mansions at reduced rates.
  • Your welcome gift: an Art Nouveau walking map offered with your registration.


  • In 2023 : your reservation for the Brussels Art Nouveau & Art Deco (BANAD) Festival 2023 entirely made by our team and this before the official opening of the "à la carte" bookings

  • Previously
    • Your reservation for the Brussels Biennale - Neoclassic (BBN) 2022 entirely made by our team and this before the official opening of the "à la carte" bookings
    • Two free guided tours of interiors for the Brussels Biennale of Eclectic architecture (BBEA) in October 2021
    • A guided tour providing an exclusive preview of the interior of the Knuyt de Vosmaer house 
    • A pass for the Brussels Biennale Neoclassic (BBN) 2020
    • An invitation to our opening event for the 2020 BANAD Festival
    • An invitation to the guide conference on the 22nd of October 2018: "Family home typology" by Cécile Dubois!
    • A pass for the Brussels Biennale Neoclassic (BBN) 2018

Annual subscription: Friends of Explore.Brussels: €50

Subscription valid for one calendar year (until the end of the calendar year in progress at the time of payment).

Please pay by bank transfer to our account: BE73 0689 0808 8260

with as communication: Name + friends of Explore.Brussels + your address + your email address


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