The Workshop for Urban Research and Action (ARAU) was founded in 1969 by a group of Brussels residents who wanted to assert their right to a voice in the development of their city: they shared the belief that "the city's air gives us freedom". They wanted to promote the improvement of the urban living environment by the consultation and participation of its residents in the urban planning process. ARAU and its members and supporters still uphold this vision of the city as a place to live, where citizens should have the right to participate in political decisions and urban developments. It is with these aims in mind that ARAU has organised guided tours of Brussels for over 40 years, so that its residents and visitors can better appreciate it and understand its heritage and development.

ARAU's guided tours focus on historical styles, such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco, as well as on contemporary proposals for development. They help participants to understand how the city has developed, from the point of view of its residents, as a sort of living heritage.
There are more than 20 themed guided tours, on foot or by coach, offered both to individuals as part of a set annual programme, and to groups of all sorts by prior reservation, tailored to the group's precise requirements.

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