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Event Concept

On the traces of eclectic architecture in Brussels!

Taking its inspiration from many different historical styles at the same time as upholding artistic creativity, the eclectic movement (1830-1914) was based on a vision of the city and architecture that brought together art, history and innovation. This heritage-blending movement fully took into account the diversity of its (re)sources, and ran parallel with a precise understanding of older architectural heritage and a desire to create unique and even iconic designs. It began against a background of unprecedented urban growth at a key moment for the capital city of the newly independent Belgium. The eclectic movement created a new urban look, developed around buildings that wanted to set themselves apart from each other, while at the same time all being involved in the expansion of the city.

This subtle combination of history and artistic freedom deserves to be put back into the spotlight to better appreciate the physiognomy of Brussels and also to inspire and enrich contemporary architecture and restoration!

Similar to the Brussels Neo-Classical Biennale (BBN), the Brussels Biennale of Eclectic Architecture (BBEA) will offer an unusual programme over two weekends in October 2023!

At the heart of the BBEA will be guided tours of the interiors of buildings not normally open to the public, offering unique opportunities to explore some of the most architecturally important heritage buildings in Brussels. These guided tours will be complemented by a variety of activities: outdoor guided tours, seminars, and activities for families with children, school groups and people with reduced mobility.

The BBEA will promote a flexible definition of Eclecticism, so as to include a wide diversity of architectural designs.

Join us over two weekends to explore Eclectic architecture in Brussels!

The event concept is unique in Europe!


The Brussels Biennale of Eclectic Architecture (BBEA) is organised by Explore.Brussels, a network of associations that organise guided tours: ARAU, Arkadia, Brussels Chatterguides and Pro Velo.

For this event, Explore.Brussels will work together with many different partners on the topic of eclecticism art in Brussels, Belgium and abroad, in order to offer a programme of guided tours and events that celebrate these two architectural styles.

 Ticket sales

There are several ways to reserve places on the guided tours of interiors:

- Groups can make bookings by clicking on the menu item GROUPS
- Individuals can book one or more packages of pre-booked guided tours at specific times by clicking on the menu item PACKAGES. Please note that the packages cannot be changed after purchase.

How does it work?

In the online booking system you are required to identify yourself (or to create an account), then to specify the number of people for whom you wish to book places, then the applicable price (full price, reduced price or child under 12). Then you can add the guided tours to your basket. You will then be asked to confirm your booking and you will receive your tickets by email.

This process, which may appear complicated at first sight, allows you to move more easily from tour to tour and to avoid having to queue at the entrance.

Should you experience difficulties with the system, please contact us.

The most important dates for the different types of bookings will be announced in the "News" section on our homepage, in our newsletters and on social media.

If you choose to create your own "à la carte" programme, you have to specify when you would like to join a guided tour. If you prefer not to do this, you can simply turn up at the entrance of the building on that day and join the queue. If there are any spots left for a guided tour, they will be offered for €12 per person (with some exceptions). So, with a little bit of planning in advance, buying a pass and creating your own programme, you can avoid waiting in a queue on the day of your tour!


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