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Prices for guided tours of interiors

The BBEA has a degressive price structure: the more tours you book for the same person per order, the cheaper the price per tour. The prices are calculated automatically.
For example, a single tour at full price costs €12, whereas 20 tours at full price cost €4 per tour.
For more details on the pricing steps used, please click here.

Reduced Prices

Our reduced-price policy has been designed to enable as many people as possible to participate in our guided tours of interiors. Students aged under 26 and job-seekers can buy reduced-price tickets. Please note that you may be required to produce proof of status at the entrance to the building. If you have a reduced-price ticket and you cannot prove your status, you will be required to pay the difference with the full price.

50% reduction on the full price for students aged under 26, students at the VUB and ULB, holders of the Culture ULB card and registered job-seekers

Free for children aged under 12

€1.25 for Article 27 voucher holders, who must book their places in advance at the Explore.Brussels office by the Wednesday before the guided tour or event. Vouchers can also be used to buy tickets at the door, but this is not recommended at busy times.

Please note that supplements are charged for all participants in guided tours of some buildings.

Please also note that single guided tours purchased at the door of the building cost €12 and that no reduced prices or degressive pricing applies.

Are accepted :  

Activities and Events 

Prices for each activity or event are specified in the event or activity descriptions.

Holders of Article 27 vouchers can participate in the seminars organised by Explore.Brussels or in a guided tour of an interior (NB :  Some places require payment of a supplement by all visitors) either by booking in advance and in person at the Explore.Brussels office or in person at the entrance to the seminar (subject to availability).


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