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Explore.Brussels and its associations offer you a variety of activities for schools during the BANAD Festival and the whole year.

Tours can be organized by foot, bus, bike - each guided tour invites you to discover a different era...

Discover Brussels' heritage, its famous comics, Art Nouveau and Art Deco and much more... !

Find all information below. Not all tours are available in English.

La Belle époque à la Maison Autrique

This offer is only available in French and Dutch.

Adventure time with Pro Velo!

Pro Velo offers all its bike tours at a reduced price!

Important information:

Duration: Max. 4 hours

Price: 200€ discount on the initial price

Take a break at the Botanical Garden - Bruxelles Chatterguides

This offer is only available in French.

Brussels seen through comic strips - Bruxelles Chatterguides

This visit approaches the town in two manners: On the one hand, we will discover the beautiful paintings of comic strip characters on different walls across town in a contemporary and fun manner. We'll talk about the authors and their perfectly illustrated work and familiarize the children with the different types of art schools that exist.

On the other hand, we will not forget to tell you more about the important history of Brussels: The basins of St Catherine, the market of St Géry, the Grand Place, and the main boulevards that tell you about the development of the city. This guided walking tour also raises more awareness of the architectural richness of Brussels and problems of urbanization.

To round all of this off, each child can create their own comic strip. Let the creative work begin! 

Important information

Target group: activity for children from 8 to 12 years old (school group from 3rd primary - 1st secondary)

LanguagesFrench - Dutch - English

Transportation: By foot

Starting point: Grand Place, in front of the town hall

Duration: 2h30

Price: 150€ - 160€ 

Reservate here 

The beginnings of Brussels and its development in the Middle Ages - Bruxelles Chatterguides

This guided walking tour through the historic heart of Brussels helps children to easily understand the development of an urban center in the Middle Ages.

From St Catherine Square to the Grand Place via the St Géry district, this tour will teach your children everything they need to know about Brussels' early history from the 10th to the 15th century. They'll better understand how an urban centre came into being in mediaeval times, and they will learn how to discover and follow the traces of the past.

At the end of the tour, the children rebuild one of the historical buildings they have seen during the tour. A fun way to discover the city!

Important information:

Target group: Activity for children from 8 to 12 years old (school group from 3rd primary to 1st secondary)

Languages: French - Dutch - English - German - Spanish - Italian

Transportation: By foot

Starting point: Place St Catherine

Duration: 2h30

Price: 150€ - 160€

Reserve here !

A capital's destiny: Brussels from the Dukes of Brabant to Belgian independence  - Bruxelles Chatterguides

This walking tour "through the upper town" of Brussels gives you a brief insight into Brussels' history from the Middle Ages to the present. A brief reminder of the city's origins and development during the early centuries will help to understand the difference between an upper and lower town. Our tour takes you along the royal district and the district of the Sablons. It enables us to observe the urbanistic, architectural and socio-economic features of the upper town, and to discover the periods of foreign influences which have left their traces here. This helps you to understand more about Belgium's independence, the foundation of the new state and the influence of its first sovereigns.

Important information:

Target group: An activity for children from 10 to 13 years old (school group from 4th primary - 2nd secondary)

Languages: French - Dutch - English - German

Transportation: By foot

Starting point: in front of the BIP, rue Royale 2-4

Duration: 2h30 to 3h00 (shorter tour available)

Price: 150€ 

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Art in the metro station - Arkadia

From Parc to Ceria subway stations, we will take you through the various works of art commissioned by the Brussels's subway agency. These unusual and ingenious works of art bring a unique sense of life to each subway station.

Please do not forget your metro ticket. 

Important information:

Languages: Français - Nederlands - English

Transportation: métro / By foot

Duration: 2h00

Price: 130€ (weekdays) - 140€ (weekend)

Reservate here !

The Court House - Arkadia

The Court House's impressive dimensions are fascinating. From the heights of the Palace, we will go down into the Marolles and discover this hectic neighbourhood that has kept the spirit of Brussels intact.

Important information:

Languages: Français - English

Transportation: By foot

Starting point: Place Poelaert

Duration: 1h30

Price: 85€ 

Reserve here !

Site archéologique du Coudenberg - Arkadia

This offer is only available in French.

MIMA Zoo - Arkadia

This offer is only available in French.

Musée BELvue - Arkadia

This offer is only available in French.


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