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This year, the season of guided tours for individual members of the public offers 500 guided tours on fixed dates from March to the end of December, on a variety of interesting themes such as Art Nouveau and Art deco, of course, but also including diversity, ecological walks, history and the pleasures of life, etc. As in previous years, groups can request tailor-made guided tours on any day of the year and in a large number of languages.

For individuals

For individuals

This shows all the guided tours for which individuals can book places for between 1 and 25 people, with prices per person, grouped under categories.

All themes shows the entire programme of guided tours organised by all the member associations and other partners of Explore.Brussels.

Guided tours which form part of the programmes of festivals or other events are grouped by festival or event: the BANAD Festival, the Brussels Biennale - Neoclassic, the Brussels Biennale of Eclectic Architecture and the interior guided tours of Art Nouveau Mansions.


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