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Clauses applicable to all buyers

  1. Unless agreed otherwise and expressly accepted by both parties, the General Terms and Conditions and/or Special Terms and Conditions attached to this quotation, order form, delivery note or invoice shall apply.
  2. All orders shall be invoiced at the quoted price. Invoices are payable within fifteen (15) calendar days of the invoice issue date, unless stipulated otherwise on the invoice.
  3. Any claim or complaint by the buyer about the goods and services supplied by the seller must be made in writing (by email or by post) within eight (8) days from receipt of invoice date. Any claim or complaint not made by this deadline shall be considered null and void.
  4. Any invoice that remains unpaid without explanation fifteen (15) calendar days after the invoice date shall be subject to a late-payment surcharge of 15% of the invoice value, with a minimum of forty (40) euros, without further notice being given.
  5. Any invoice that remains unpaid after fifteen (15) calendar days shall become immediately payable in full, regardless of any instalments previously agreed.
  6. Under Article 1583 of the Belgian Civil Code, the buyer agrees that all goods and services supplied remain the seller's property until the invoice for them has been paid in full, including any late-payment surcharge or interest. However, the buyer agrees that all risk linked to the goods and services supplied by the seller passes to the buyer on delivery. Should a final demand for payment from the seller remain unanswered by the buyer for eight (8) calendar days after the sending date of the final demand for payment, the goods and services supplied must be returned to the seller at the buyer's expense and risk on request from the seller.
  7. These General Terms and Conditions are subject to Belgian law and any dispute arising from them shall be exclusively heard by the courts of Brussels. The seller may renounce this clause at any time and opt to transfer this competence to another jurisdiction under common law.
  8. Given the exceptional and temporary nature of the guided tours and events organised by Explore.Brussels and given that Explore.Brussels is not the owner of the buildings, Explore.Brussels undertakes to organise what was contractually agreed as far as is reasonably possible, but cannot be held liable in cases of cancellation by the owner of the building, or of a refusal of access to the building, or the cancellation of the guided tour or event due to force majeure.

Clauses applicable to professional buyers

  1. Excluding inherent defects, any claim or complaint about the goods and services supplied by the seller to the buyer must be sent to the seller by recorded-delivery letter within eight (8) days of the delivery date. Any claim or complaint not made by this deadline shall be considered null and void.
  2. Under Article 6 of the Belgian Law of 2 August 2002, the buyer agrees to reimburse the seller for any costs, including legal feels, lawyers' fees and experts' expenses, incurred following the buyer's failure to honour any of his obligations under these General Terms and Conditions.

Clauses applicable to consumer buyers

  1. The buyer agrees that he/she has been correctly informed about the quality, use and specific qualities of the goods and services purchased, and declares that they are not for special use, unless agreed by both parties in a specific clause.
  2. On receipt of a claim or complaint of non-conformity of the goods and services supplied from the buyer, sent by recorded-delivery letter at the latest two (2) weeks after delivery, the seller may, at his absolute discretion, either replace or repair the defective goods or services. If it proves impossible or disproportionally expensive to repair the goods or services, the seller may offer a reduction in the invoice price or the replacement of the correct goods or services.

Clauses applicable to buyers of guided tours

  1. The buyer undertakes to obey the rules applicable to the buildings visited and understands that any damaged caused may lead to a request for compensation.
  2. The buyer agrees that he/she does not have the right to cancel his/her purchase.
  3. Bookings are only valid on the date and at the time shown. Only bookings made via Explore.Brussels ASBL are valid. Any falsified bookings will result in legal prosecution.
  4. Buyers holding bookings and any persons accompanying them participate at their own risk in the guided tour or other event booked and explicitly renounce the right to make any claim against Explore.Brussels ASBL. In no cases will Explore.Brussels ASBL assume any liability for material damage or bodily injury caused to third parties, nor for any theft or loss that may occur during the booked guided tour or event.
  5. Bookings for guided tours or events may not be used for advertising or commercial purposes without the explicit prior agreement of Explore.Brussels ASBL. Any personal data collected by Explore.Brussels ASBL during the booking shall not be used later for advertising or commercial purposes by third parties. Requests to view, change or delete such data must be sent in writing (by email or post) to Explore.Brussels ASBL.
  6. Lack of cooling-off period: Although Article 47 of the Belgian Market Practices and Consumer Protection Act specifies a cooling-off period of 14 days during which purchases made remotely may be cancelled, the buyer agrees that this cooling-off period does not apply to bookings made via the Explore.Brussels ASBL website. The Belgian Royal Decree of 18 November 2002 excludes certain remote purchases of accommodation, transport, meals and leisure activities from this cooling-off period under certain conditions. This exception for the tourism sector is dictated by the specificity of the services provided in this sector and complies with the European Regulation on Remote Sales, which also contains an exception for accommodation, transport, meals and leisure services.
  7. Booking fees shall not be refunded in cases of loss or theft, nor shall they be refunded or exchanged except when due to cancellation of the guided tour or event by Explore.Brussels ASBL. Duplicate tickets cannot be issued to replaced lost or stolen tickets.

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